(as told by Kenneth N. Houston, September 1989)

When the Civil War broke out Arch decided that he was not going to fight so he headed for Mexico. The Army had guards along the border so he rode within a few miles of the border to a ranch house. He asked if he could stay all night and they said he could.

The day before he stopped at the ranch his buddy wanted to stop at another house. Arch would not but his buddy did. The next morning while sitting on a hill some distance away he saw the army run down his buddy and shoot him from the saddle. He said the army had doped his horse that night so his horse could not run very fast.

At the ranch house where Arch stayed they put him in a little room out on the front porch. Back in those days almost all the houses had a room on the front porch. As the man shut the door he heard him put a bar across the door. Then he heard him tell one of his servants to ride to the border and tell the army that he had Arch Houston locked up in a room. Arch had already pulled off his boots so he slipped them back on. The window had boards nailed across it so he took his boots and pushed the boards off the window. Then he went out to the barn and began to shuck corn for his horse. When the army got there he let the logs down on the back side of the lot. In those days most of the corrals were built out of logs. He rode out and crossed the border into Mexico. From that time on Grandpa Sam Houston never did hear from Arch anymore. The story is that he married a woman in Mexico.

Now this is just a story that Grandpa Sam Houston would tell every summer. I hope this is what you wanted me to put down from my memory. It has been a long time and I may have forgotten some of the story.

Don said that Grandpa Sam Houston used to sing a song they wrote about Arch but he can not remember it. It was about hounds running after Arch. I remember a little about him singing but don't remember what the words were he sang either.

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