Where Jesus Dwells
Song by James Franklin Whitaker

  1. Our Lord shall descend from Heaven above,
    Shout with His voice with trumps of God,
    Dead in Christ shall first arise,
    Those that remain shall meet in the sky.


We long to be there and see the great throne,
And hear the sweet angels sing their song,
Wonderful home where all is well,
Beautiful home where Jesus now dwells.

  1. Where Jesus dwells oh mansions fair,
    We long to meet Jesus and dwell with Him,
    Where He lives how sweet it will be,
    Living with Him through eternity.
  1. Where Jesus dwells we’ll join in the song,
    Praising our Saviour all the day long,
    Meet our dear friends Saints up there,
    Friends don’t you want to join us up there?
  1. Where Jesus dwells there’ll be perfect love,
    Home of the soul in Heaven above,
    Joy and peace we always there share,
    Beautiful home our Saviour is there.

Verse written by Ira Paschal Whitaker

  1. Where Jesus dwells oh home so fair,
    No poor sinners can enter there,
    Washed in His blood and cleansed from all sin,
    Welcome my son you now can come in.
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